Still Here

Dear Readers: yes, I’m still here. I’ve been going through some life-troubles (health and personal) but I am getting back to basics in terms of my Zen studies so look for upcoming posts and more frequency. Read More


Conscious Pt. 3

In 1926 a German physicist by the name of Max Born demonstrated that quantum waves are waves not of material but of possibility. At best, we can only predict where a particle will be at any one moment.  Read More

Conscious Pt. 2

We are totally necessary for the existence of a yellow flame of light just as we are necessary to hear the sound of a tree falling in a forest. This isn’t mysticism but pure basic science. Read More

Molecular Thoughts

Conscious Pt. 1

Our scientific understanding of the most fundamental phenomenon of our existence–consciousness–is virtually nil. Read More


All desire brings bondage. Easy to say, hard to let go. The good news is that desiring to be free of desire is fruitless. Why? Because you’re already free. Read More